Productivity and Accuracy for the Analysis of piping installations of Gas Turbine

Roberto Merlo

GE Oil & Gas


This work presents a new paradigm in piping FEA-based design, which relies on ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler (SCDC), an advanced geometry pre-processor fully integrated in ANSYS Workbench FEA environment.

The combination of such dedicate tools simplifies the modeling activities and speeds up all re-design iterations, leading to a validated solution in a much shorter time. In particular, ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler dramatically reduces the time to reduce raw 3D pipe geometries into 1D-pipe elements and lumped masses.
As a consequence, ANSYS Mechanical makes possible to run any type of both static and transient loading cases, using realistic, yet light, FE representations of the whole system.
A custom post-processing, fully performed in ANSYS Workbench, implements the ASME B31.3 regulations, making possible a further reduction of the design time.

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