Optimization-based Gasket Tuning for Diesel Engine Cooling Jacket Design

Giuseppe Corbo, Ivan Flaminio Cozza

GM Powertrain- Europe


One of the most critical systems for a Diesel Engine is the Cooling System: it assures a correct cooling of the hot parts of the engine in order to increase engine component durability and to increase performances. The Cooling system main component is Cooling Jacket: it prevents block and head from hot shocks.

An important process during Coolant Jacket design for automotive applications is the Gasket Tuning.

Thanks to this process, it is possible to improve Coolant Jacket performances, just scaling gasket holes size. In this way it is possible to locally increase flow velocity in order to assure the best cooling in hot regions and avoid boiling risk. Thanks to the small geometrical modifications and the easy calculation of the outputs, it is possible to use a parametric optimization approach: it uses gasket holes percentage of reduction as parameters and it permits to optimize Coolant Jacket performances. In this work, the methodology is applied using a commercial software package.

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