31st Edition
1984 – 2015


About 800


150 Speakers and
10 thematic sessions

+ 35

More than 35 Sponsors
around the world



The 2015 Edition | Your opportunity to be part of the future!


31st Edition

From 1984 to 2015.

The computer-aided engineering technologies are the answer and the way for innovation, boost the economy and make better our future.


About 800 participants


Speakers and 10 thematic sessions

A lively and interested audience, prestigious speakers who presented the last achievements of their research, the state of the art of simulation technologies, the future trends and the expected impacts in the industrial world.


Sponsors around the world

Great success of the area exhibitors and for the enterprises that participated in the event as a sponsor

19th – 20th October 2015, Lazise (Hotel Parchi del Garda Congress Centre)

Innovative perspectives along with avant-garde science and technologies are once again protagonists at the International CAE Conference, the most significant European event dedicated to computer simulation and its countless application possibilities continues to progress the unstoppable steps towards the future.

This year marks the thirty-first of the event which has become an internationally established reference point; held on the 19th – 20th October 2015 in Lazise at the Congress Centre Hotel Parchi del Garda. The event provided the engineering community with the platform to share the latest achievements and experiences amongst their peers and diverse span of industry professionals, researchers and technicians; whom are involved in various aspects of product and process innovation, including all application fields: Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defense, Oil&Gas, Energy, Medical, Automotive, Transportation, Civil Engineering etc..

Participation: the numbers speak for itself

More than 800 delegates participated at this year’s event, with 150 speakers alternating between the two plenary sessions and 10 industrial focused sessions, where over 35 companies sponsors were also present. There was no lack of attendance from Universities, Faculties and Polytechnic Institutes; represented by professors, researchers and students, which in the development of the numerical simulation epitomising the best collective minds, Europeans and overseas, but also Italians. It can’t be forgotten, indeed, that the Country plays a crucial role of excellence in the industry and can advocate a leading role in the landscape of technological innovations.

The prestigious setting was complete with the high calibre of guests, who shared their progress and future advances from pioneering projects demonstrated in their own fields. As highlighted by the founder and President of the Scientific Committee of the International CAE Conference, Stefano Odorizzi, "The International CAE Conference is a rich environment to discover current developments and new technological breakthroughs, network, explore new business opportunities and share experiences".

In connection with the Expo,  the International CAE Conference has had the pleasure of hosting prestigious guests such as two of the deus ex machina: Alessandro Gasparini, engineer and triumphant in the race against time for the construction of the sculpture – a symbolic installation at the Expo, the "Tree of life"; along with  Massimo Maffeis, designer of tensile structures, who created at the international solutions for both the major walkway (cardo and decumano), between the Mexican, Kuwait and German pavilions.

In particular the presence of Don Miller is of significance, at 86 years old, he is among one of the predecessors for the use of computer simulation through fluid dynamic processes. The English professor, who is considered a visionary for thirty years, verifies the excellence his knowledge and he was chosen to award Andrea Tradii and Riccardo De Paolis of General Electric – Nuovo Pignone – Florence, for the innovative approach applied to a turbine project.

Feed the planet: challenges for the future or challenges for the present?

The future is imagined today, but today we also need to prepare for the future.

As we strive to improve there is a natural theme that links the International CAE Conference to the Expo2015 in Milan: "Feed the planet". This can be done – explained Christophie Lasseur, coordinator of the ESA (European Space Agency) Life support R&D – which also applies on Earth; the techniques for the reproduction of oxygen, water and raw materials (including edible crops) in an hostile environment, is currently under study with the view of landing on Mars. This is the base concept of the Melissa project, of which Lasser is leading; it takes inspiration from the anaerobic principles typical of aquatic ecosystems.

Nutrition and food were also at the centre of the event. Professor Davide Cassi, physicist and founder of the Faculty of Physics Gastronomy at the University of Parma, the only Italian institution of its kind.  Cassi retraced the steps of the molecular cuisine, explaining some of the newest ways of preparing food through scientific techniques: the use of alcohol or liquid nitrogen, for example, as tools of transforming the gastronomic matter with the capability of maintaining the components and the aromas. Professor Cassi amazed the audience, creating recipes of the tradition cuisine live in a scientific way.

Life quality, the answers from technology

Robots that take care of people, with the ability to assist an elderly: for example if he forgets to take the medicines, the robot will remind him, or if it detects something abnormal, a fall or they collapse , it can call the ambulance or alert the relatives. In addition, small robots are able to interact with autistic children, to accompany them through their learning. They are no longer just science fiction, but all the models are in the testing phase at the IAS Lab (Intelligent Autonomous Systems), in the Robotic Laboratory at the University of Padua. During the International CAE Conference their designers showed the potential and operation controlled by brain impulses.

Speed is a matter of numbers

In the exhibition area, among the others achievements showcased, the attendees could admire PULSAR, a high speed bicycle (HPV – Human Powered Vehicle) specifically designed by the Turin Polytechnic to compete at the WHPSC (World Human Powered Speed Challenge), an event that takes place every year in Nevada. The prototype was built in 2015 and took part to the WHPSC in September, after about 850 Km of tests. Andrea Gallo, reached the Italian speed record with 116.19 kilometers per hour, becoming the 24th fastest pilot in the history.

The research Agorà, the science finds space

Illuminate the present with the ideas of the future. In the Research Agorà, displayed the most innovative projects, developed through key international partnerships. In the dissemination throughout the scientific sessions, the attendees not only had the opportunity to presented their work, but they also to go on the stage to conduct live experiments and demonstrations of their projects.

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Poster Awards: recognizing the future of engineering each year, in fact five…

The 2015 edition continued to provide the creative foundation  to next generation with the Poster Award, the contest exclusively open to the undergraduates and PhD students, which awards the best 5 Posters selected by the Examining committee. This year there were 3 special mentions among the 44 distinguished finalists from more than 200 Poster entries received.

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The symbol

This influential, annual flagship for Simulation based Engineering and Sciences is a seminal event for all sector stakeholders covering industry, academia, research and software vendors. For over two days delegates participated in an enriching environment within which to experience current and new technological challenges, to network and share experiences with their peers and to explore new business scenarios. In a nutshell CAE is the ideal event and venue to discuss the increasing relevance of ‘simulation based engineering and sciences’ and your opportunity to be part of the future.

The symbol of CAE 2015 is the Nautilus, a marine dweller and living fossil from the Triassic Period. Unchanged for millions of years the Nautilus shell presents one of the finest natural examples of a logarithmic spiral. It also personifies the ‘golden mean’ or the desirable middle between two extremes of ancient Greek philosophers. Also represented by the letter ‘Phi’, to the Greek mentality the golden mean was an attribute of beauty.

The ancients believed there was a close association in mathematics between beauty (symmetry, proportion and harmony) and truth, which feeds directly into our modern world as a parallelism with numerical simulation. The expanding industrial world requires more and more numerical simulation as an instrument to forge that rigorous path towards innovation. This is why to symbolize CAE 2015 we have chosen Nautilus, a timeless form of beauty visualizing a geometrically harmonic sequence that can serve as a lesson in procedure for both our economic future and a model for life itself.

Venue: Hotel Parchi del Garda

The biggest conference centre in the Verona province and Lake Garda area

Hotel Parchi del Garda is Lake Garda and Verona's most exclusive hotel and congress centre.

Thanks to its large, modern and functional spaces, as well as its ideal location, it is the perfect venue to accommodate such event. The new 4 star hotel is situated between Peschiera del Garda and Lazise, just 900 meters from the lake's shore. Built in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, it is designed to resemble a typical Garda town. Hotel Parchi del Garda has 5 interconnecting pavilions with 218 elegant rooms and 15 exclusive suites.

The International CAE Conference exhibition area will be the highlight of our congress centre in the free-standing theatre hall Benacus. It has total dimensions of 870 sqm., natural light, a production room, two spacious back stages, and direct access to our garage. The two twin meeting rooms Riva and Rocca are next to each other and have the same dimensions. They both can accommodate a theatre of upto130 people. The Arilica hall is the perfect compromise between space and functionality with the ability to accommodate from 150 up to 315 people. All rooms offer the ideal setting for the various sessions and workshops for the International CAE Conference. All delegates, speakers and exhibitors will be welcomed at the  Gardesana hall at   Hotel Parchi del Garda providing an atmosphere for mixing business with pleasure.

Hotel Parchi del Garda

Via Brusà
37017 Pacengo di Lazise (Verona)
Phone +39 045 6499611

E-mail: booking@hpdg.it


How to reach Pacengo del Garda

Located between the towns of Peschiera del Garda and Lazise, just 900 metres from the shores of the lake, Hotel Parchi del Garda enjoys a strategic location at the junction of the two major north-south, east-west main roads.

 By Car: Thanks to the A4 motorway, there are only 5 km from Peschiera del Garda, or via the A22, we are just 13 km from the Affi.

 By Train: The hotel is less than 4 km from the station of Peschiera del Garda train station.

 By Air: The Convention Center and meeting hotels Parks del Garda is only 15 km from Verona Valerio Catullo Airport.


Come arrivare a Pacengo del Garda

Situato tra i Comuni di Peschiera del Garda e Lazise, a soli 900 metri dalle rive del Lago, l'Hotel Parchi del Garda gode di una location strategica al centro delle due grandi linee nord-sud, est-ovest.

 In auto: l'Hotel si trova a 5 km dall'uscita di Peschiera del Garda - Autostrada A4
e a 13 km dall'uscita di Affi - Autostrada A22

 In treno: l'Hotel si trova a circa 4 km dalla Stazione di Peschiera del Garda - linea ferroviaria Milano/Venezia

 In aereo: il Centro Congressi è a soli 15 km dall'aeroporto "Valerio Catullo" di Verona Villafranca


International CAE Conference



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